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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYD] Agnes Boyd and Peter West of Beaver Co., PA
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 08:56:32 +1000
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Thank you for bring this to the lists attention.

There are quite a number of Boyd families for Beaver Co, PA.

Great pit the Book did not say who Agnes Boyd's parents were.

Does the Book say where Peter West was born or where his family came from.
It MAY MEAN that Agnes's Boyd family came form the same area of Ireland as
the West?

Does it give any towns or locations for where Peter and Agnes Lived in
Beaver co., PA. That may help to link her with one of the Boyd families.
Perhaps where they got married may be the best pointer. Does the Book give
those details?

Thank you

Mike Boyd
Historical Committee, HBS
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Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2008 12:02 AM
Subject: [BOYD] Agnes Boyd

Whilte researching my husband's Boyd line I came across a book that might be
of interest to someone on the list. The book is titled "Monongahela Valley
Family Records Vol. I"
This book contains several different families in it. The one that caught my
attention was the chapter titled "History of Peter West and Descendants
1765 - 1956."

Apparently Peter West married Agnes Boyd in 1811. That is all the
information it has on Agnes. There is extensive information about Peter and
Agnes' decendants. If there is anyone related to this line, I would be happy
to share provide information. I was trying to figure out who Agnes' parents
are. It appears that Peter and Agnes settled in Beaver County, PA.


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