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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYD] Agnes Boyd and Peter West of Beaver Co., PA
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:51:26 +1000
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To those that have been out in the Californian sun too long.

One has to ask the questions to see if there is not some more valuable
information available (than what the sender thinks).

I was hoping that the book may have said "where and what Church" this Peter
West and Agnes Boyd got married. If so IT MAY BE POSSIBLE to match that to
a Boyd family from Beaver Co., PA.

Mike Boyd
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> Mike:
> Mindy said, "Apparently Peter West married Agnes Boyd in 1811. That is all
> the
> information it has on Agnes. There is extensive information about Peter
> and
> Agnes' decendants."
> Aye,
> Lauren <who's brain is frying in 100 degree heat
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