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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: [BOYD] Fw: John Henry Boyd - PA
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 08:07:13 +1000

I assume that Benita meant to hit the all buttom when she replied.

If you can offer her any sugestions plese contact her and the list

Mike Boyd
Historical committee, HBS
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Subject: Re: [BOYD] John Henry Boyd - PA


Thanks for asking, we only know he was from PA from 1900 census record from Jerome AZ, where it lists his son's father as coming from PA and from the probate records in which he inherited the bank stock. However, there is no indication other than the county (Scranton) in which the probate was filed as to who or which city in the county the relative who left him the bank stock lived. If he was born in this area it could have been Luzerne or Lackawanna county at that time.

I have looked at the 1880 census for both of these counties but all of the John Boyds that I find still show up in the 1900 census, however; he had died in AZ by that time. We don't even have any idea as to his age at the time of his death from a heart condition. Arizona historical archives was able to provide an obituary but it contained no information about how old he was or where he came from in that newspaper clipping.

We don't know if he went to another state to live and work prior to going to AZ, as some of the individuals with whom he worked in AZ were owners of large mining companies. So it doesn't appear that he was a young kid when he traveled to AZ, he was a miner with some experience and status. We have a handwritten mine diary for the year 1887 in which he talks about receiving the combination to the safe to the mine which would later become Phelps Dodge from the person who would later be the first governor of the state in 1914. I have begun to do some research on these more prominent and longer living miners and mine owners to see if I can find out where their paths may have crossed prior to AZ. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I haven't followed up on the probate papers from 1904 yet which should be a source of finding some relatives.

Have a great trip to Scotland, would love to come along but we need to located relatives here in the US first. May need to make a trip to PA as it seems we have exhausted our resources in AZ where we live.

Benita Boyd

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What do you know about the "great-grandfather" John Henry Boyd in PA?

What town and County was he in for example?

I assume that you have looked at the 1880 Census to see what other Boyd lived near him. What are the results of looking for his date of death and death certificate.

Mike Boyd

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