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From: "Eddie Boyd" <>
Subject: [BOYD] Homecoming events
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 07:21:19 +0100

Dear Boyds, I was at a meeting this morning to discuss an application
from our local FHS (Bute Sons & Daughters) to get some funding from
Argyll & Bute Council to lay on a few events for Homecoming Scotland 2009.

We applied for some of the funding available from the Scottish
Government but were unsuccessful. They are funding only 60 events and
most of those are pre-existing big events like Celtic Connections, the
Cowal Games and so on.

Anyway, Clan Currie visit our Highland Games every year and have strong
connections with Bute and I wondered if the derivation of our surname
(gaelic 'Bhoid' = of/from Bute) would be enough reason to entice the
Boyds to an event or two during Mike's tour of the Boyd country?
Incidentally, all of our ferries carry their names in English and in
Gaelic so MV Bute is also Eilean Bhoid. When I travel to the mainland I
feel that I'm on the family yacht!

Possible events that are under discussion are a talk/slideshow about the
island history and/or wildlife to take place inside Rothesay Castle
(12th century circular castle). Musical evening in the Pavilion (a
category A listed Art Nouveau building). Some talk of one or more
genealogy workshops. I'm pushing for some walks to take in St Blane's
Chapel (6th century monastic settlement and 12th century chapel),
Dunagoil vitrified fort, and some standing stones. Have also suggested
an online genealogy course. There's likely to be one or more golf events.

Any feedback would be appreciated. What sort of event would persuade you
to hop across to the island from Boyd country? (Apart from the fact that
this might be the *original* Boyd country.)

We're pretty likely to win this funding as Argyll & Bute Council will
have to fund at least one project on Bute.

Eddie Bhoid

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