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From: "Bryant Reed" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYD] Scottish influence in Oklahoma ? - Boyd's Bottoms??
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 08:25:22 -0500
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Hi Joyce.

My great-grandfather James Edward Boyd participated in one of the "Runs"
into Oklahoma in the early 1890's, along with my grandfater James William
Boyd. My mother Cyntha Cecil Boyd was born in Ryan, Indian Territory in
1906, and I was born in Maud, Oklahoma in 1940. My grandparents were married
in the church at Avoca, Oklahoma Territory in 1897.

I and a couple of Boyd cousins have quite a bit of Boyd in Oklahoma
information, and may be able to help, if you can be more specific about the
location and your grandfather's full name. I am not familiar with Boyd's
Bottom nor its location.

Best Regards,

Bryant Reed
Son of Cyntha Cecel Boyd 1906 - 1975
La Porte, Texas USA

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 1:55 PM, Joyce Arcus <>wrote:

> Hello Cousins:
> I've just connected with a second cousin on my "non-Boyd, father's" side of
> the family only to discover that her Grandfather's middle name was Boyd!!!
> and that's what he was known as/called .
> Jerri writes, " . . . Maybe there was some Scottish influence in their town
> of Oklahoma or something. The Wickersham family, were original settlers in
> OK territory, helping to build the are(a) into a village and town. (But had
> come to America in 1700 from England as Quakers, friends of George Fox ) My
> grandfather was born in OK, but then later acquired land himself too. Now
> that area of land he owned is called Boyd's Bottoms, because it is the
> bottom's land near the river and is very fertile. I wonder if anyone knows
> where it got it's name? My family left there in that depression era and
> headed to California. My grandfather actually went by the name of Boyd.
> Thus Boyd's Bottoms."
> thanks,
> Joyce Arcus
> North Carolina

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