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From: "Diana Roy" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:17:05 PST

To all my family out there, we may never meet but we are still connected
with our past. I'm having a hard time with my family tree
and figure alot of others are too. So I decided to start with the
highest name on my tree and see if anyone could help me add or tell me
where I can order the proof for what I have here. This information has
came from other Edwards' emails. I have try to combine all the
information I have receive. The only proof I have for my Edwards starts
with a copy of a lease of Robert Edwards and from his brother Thomas
Line down. My brother who lives in NC has all our Edwards papers. I do
have a few myself. So later I may find more to help us all. I live in
Texas so it maybe until Summer. I was born and raised in West Virginia.
I want to make a book for my three girls to show who their family was. I
brought a hard back book for family trees. Where it ask to put the date
of birth or marriage I shrunk the real certificate and glue it in. I
would like to have proof for our grandparents too.. So if you know how
I can get them please let me know... Email me anytime. I could use all
the help and will try to help too.
Also if you know where I can order any of these book mention or Some
titles of good information on the Edwards...Thank you.
First Generation

Thomas Nathaniel Edwards *m Elizabetb Hael/Hall
ca. 1640 Wales /October 17, ca1640 1635
Llangyfelach, Wales
died 1688 in New York

The Edwards family came from Wales
The Edwards' of Northampton came from Wales. Their
ancestral home, called "Edwards Hall" was in Glen Morganshire, near
Cardiff. It was built some time around 1050-1100 in the time of William
the Conquerer and came into the Edwards family later by marriage into
the family of Queen Elizabeth. They occupied it for
generations and it was finally abandoned in the early 1700's. Nothing
but a pile of rubble now remains to mark its location in this rough,
hill, rocky land. ( from the
book "Edwards Family of Northampton".)
He came to New Amsterdam, NY in 1640. This is a story
that appears and reappears from time to time. The most recent accounting
that I know of is an article in the NY Times, Sat Jan 1 1994, National
Report (section), "Family Tale of Fortune is Persistent and Costly" by
Michael Hinds. The story gives a map of the area "in consideration" and
a reference to the Pennsylvania Association of Edwards Heirs.
In the late fifties, or so my Grandfather was interested in the effort
to establish some claim. The best that happened was a great story (the
worst, it cost). So for some info ...
A large family tree was compiled (to identify heirs, etc). Our family is
related to the Hall (Hael) family and received a Dutch land grant in New
Holland (NYC). Thomas Hael was given the land 1642. On November 20,
1642, William Kieft, then Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam, made an
original grant to Thomas Hael.
About 1660 Thomas Edwards married in Wales Elizabeth Hael / Hall
who was born ca. 1640.In 1660,Thomas Edwards, refered to as The Old Ship
Master, married Elizabeth (Hael) Hall in Rird-y-Gorf, Wales / New
Amsterdam, NY, only daughter of Thomas Hall and Mary Druery.
Thomas Hael Hall's daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Edwards.
Taken from the book "The Union County Family Histroy Book" of
Union County, South Carolina, entry #158 & # 165. The info was found
in the desk of J.C. Edwards upon his death in 1923.
It was sent to her by her cousin Robert Edwards, and there is no proof
of any information later than Reps Edwards. Thomas Edwards of Wales,
Captain of the ship "Society",was married in 1660 to Elizabeth
Hael(Hall), dau. of Thomas Hael(Hall), who about 1642 was granted land
in New Netherland, later known as New York, by the Dutch West Indies
Company. When the British took over these Dutch colonies, Thomas
Edwards had his grant confirmed by the royal governor. At that time
Thomas Edwards swore his loyalty, and allegiance to England forever.
About 1662 a son, Robert, was born, who remained in Wales and had three
Some maps designate the property of Thomas Hael as being
in the name of Thomas Edwards as does the confirmation of Governor
Lovelace specifically confirming this title to Edwards in 1673. There
has never been any conveyance of title to anyone else.
On November 6, 1674, title to Hael's original grant, he
having died in 1669, was confirmed to Thomas Edwards as husband of
Elizabeth, only child of Thomas Hael, by Edward Andros,
Colonial Governor of New York.
Apparently, Thomas Nathaniel was a man of considerable
means and very much invloved in real estate operation. Records indicate
that he cleared land, built houses, and promoted a
sales campaign very much as is done today. (BOOK, "Andrew Edwards, Rev.
Sol." by Margaret Scruggs Sommerfield, 1969, page 3)
Thomas Edwards, Master of the ship "Retorne" of Boston.
Signed up indentured servants between July 12 & Aug 7,1678. Six
servants were indentured to buy their passage to America. The ship
sailed from Bristol, UK to Maryland, Virginia, and Bermuda.
(Information from "Servants embarkation Record for the City of Bristol
in two volumes 1654 - 1679. Which was taken from the book "Passengers
to America - Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists",
The Geneological Society, Baltimore, 1988)
Children of Thomas Edwards and Elizabeth Hall
MY LINE ***i.Robert Hael10 Edwards, born May 10, 1662 in Rird-y-Gorf,
Wales / New
Amsterdam, NY; died Bet. 1734 - 1738 in Wales / NY.
ii.Thomas Edwards, born 1667 in Llangwig, Glamorganshire; died
1722 in St.
Peters, Bristol, UK. He married (1) Margaret Saunders 1694 in Bristol,
Kingdom. He married (2) Mary Scandrett 1718.
iii.Joshua Edwards. He married Teiel Unknown.
Additional info suggests Thomas died about
1703 in New York. He was a ship owner and Captain. (Info from Barbara
Mayberry, Aug 29, 97)
Notes for Robert Hael Edwards:
"After his fathers death in 1703,

Hope this helps someone...email me with any extra information

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