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Subject: Re: [JOHN-L] Roll call and William Johns of 1700s
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 06:31:44 -0600

Good Morning,
I'm sure you noticed that I stated,could be our Mary Monacan.I never take
the LDS information for gospel until I have checked out all the information
that I find there. I was in touch with someone from the historical section
of the Old St.Martins Parrish and was told that it was a very good
possibility that the information I found on the LDS site was true.There was
no mention of what tribe the Marys came from. I was told by the Historian
that indeed it was true that Indian were being sheltered and taught the
white mans ways at the St. Martin's Parrish in those days. There were many
different tribes of Indians around the Virginia area who the priest tried to
teach the ways of the white man. But most of them were the Pamunkey.
So because the priest had taught many different tribes who wanted help,they
could not state with certainty that some of them were Monacan.But in all
probility if our Robert Johns married a Mary from the Parrish she very well
could have been Indian or part Indian because a lot of the white trappers
married some of the Indian women who were housed there at that time.
In either event,I am still searching. I just didn't want Karen to stop her
search because she had found this information.I found the same Bible she
found at the state Library and it does not state Indian or white man, its
just a families bible with family information that has been passed on to the
Library. She has helped our people some what with genealogy information, The
information she found was not conclusive. I take every thing I find with a
grain of salt unless I've lived it. I grew up thinking I was Cherokee as my
mother had as well as my grandparents .But I do believe that Robert did
indeed marry Mary Gresham who was a half breed with her mother being Indian
and since she came from the Hanover ,Amherest area she could very well have
been Monacan, as I said I'm still looking. Any information that I find I
willingly pass it on to Andy.
I have not been doing to much research lately as I am involved in a Native
American Foundation to help the many Indian children to be able to have a
college education and some of the indians families to have warm homes in the
winter and fans and etc. to help them in the summer. It is a 501(c)3 non
profit organization.
We hope to be able to issue15 Scholarships and Grants to the Native
Americans through out the country within this coming year. It is for the
federal and State tribes.It is called Foundation for Native American
Betterment(Improvements). If you go into my web site you will find
information on the foundation at the moment. we hope to expand in the future
to help more native Americans if we can.

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> << The information I found came from the LDS site over a year ago.
> It stated these facts:
> James Gresham b.1617 Fulham, England
> d. Mar.4,1688/89 in Fulham,England
> married ,Anne More b.1624 Haslemore Surry,England
> ,d. June 1700 same place.
> Child: Thomas Gresham b.1646 Haslemore,England,d. unknown
> married: Mary(unknown I venture to say started our Indian side)b.St
> Martins's Parrish,Hanover Co.,VA. in 1691.
> Child: Thomas Gresham b.1692 St. Martin's Parrish. Hanover,VA.d.1741 in
> Spotsylvania Co.,VA.
> married: Mary(unknown I venture another Indian possible Monacan)
> b.1707 in St.Martin's Parrish, Hanover Co.,VA. She d.1742 in Spotsylvania
> Co.,VA. Their children:
> Rachel Gresham b.1732 Spotsylvania,VA.
> William Gresham b.1730 "
> John Gresham b. Spotsylvania.
> Mary Gresham b.1726 Spotsylvania,VA. d.Mar.01,1779 Amherst,VA.
> She married Robert Johns in Albemarle Co.,VA. b. 1700 King William
> d. Dec. 18,1778 in Amherst,VA.
> Children: >>
> Dear Littlewolf,
> I think the reason Karen Salisbury rejected your hypothesis is that the
> unknown Marys of the Gresham descendancy, which you outlined, are in no
> proven to be of Indian blood. They are indeed unknown but that certainly
> doesn't make them Indian. Since these marriages took place in St.
> Parish Hanover Co., VA or possibly the latter in Spotsylvania Co., there
> little likelyhood that there is any connection to the Monacan Indians of
> Amherst Co.
> Sometime ago I suggested to JetJock, whom I believe is your relative, that
> might be more fruitful and rewarding if you were to devote your obvious
> talents to researching the ancestors of William Mallory Johns and his
> possible father Mallory Johns. I do think there is a Johns connection in
> background of these individuals, both of whom appear to be of Indian blood
> lines. Mallory Johns was a member of the Quaker Faith, and the Quakers
> very friendly to the Indians of Virginia. There was a Daniel Johns
> in the "Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy" who had Indian servants to whom
> Quaker evangelists preached their message of salvation. The date and
> location of this was abt 1692 and in the Tidewater area. The Mallorys and
> the Johns did live near each other in New Kent Co in earlier days. It is
> quite possible that either the early Johns or Mallorys had Indian servants
> who may have inter-married. I believe Andy Lawless is working on this
> project and I have attempted to help him. I offer this same help to you
> you are interested. I sincerely would like to see this matter resolved.
> you may know, I have contributed several times to the Monacan Nation.
> Sincerely, Rob Johns
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