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From: "Jan Valdez" <>
Subject: Stephen and Rebecca question
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 14:25:27 -0700

Thanks for the welcome to the list!

First I just need to clear up my original message on my family. Jerry wrote

> Janice, I believe you have the wrong father for Stephen Kilgore,
> who married Rebecca Salyers. This Stephen Kilgore was the
> son of Robert and Winnie Clayton Kilgore.
Sorry, my message came out wrong. This is the way it looked:

3. From John K. Kilgore down for certain:

1. Stephen Kilgore (1767-1841) & Rebecca Salyers (1770-1860)
1 Hiram Kilgore (1791-) & Nancy Layne
1 John K. Kilgore (1825 - 1912) & Martha Jane
Maxfield (1835 - 1912)

I wasn't showing John as father of Stephen, I was only noting that I was only
absolutely certain of the information from John (b. 1825) and Martha Jane
Kilgore down. That note wasn't supposed to be stuck right above Stephen. I do
not have any actual proof that John was son of Hiram and Nancy Kilgore. Hope to
find some. But some think he is based on circumstantial evidence.

I have several questions and have been going through the archives but haven't
found answers yet. I will start with one regarding Stephen and Rebecca (Salyer)
Kilgore of Tennessee. What is the source or sources for the names of their
children? Appreciate any help.

Jan V.

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