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From: "DKP" <>
Subject: [Langley] Langley's In Kentucky, New Jersey, and Indiana US
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 00:36:03 -0600

Hi List... Here's the Elder that heads up my Langley's. I'd like to
exchange info with any Langley that has the same common States. You can
either do it over the list, or if there is to much info, send to
. I do have allot more to add, but I will post later.
Donna Langley in Iowa USA

Name: Elisha Langley
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1770
Death: ABT 1823 in ,Jackson County,Indiana US
Burial: ,Jackson County,Indiana US

Marriage 1 Jane Shepherd b: ABT 1775 in ,Shelby County,Kentucky US
Married: ABT 11 FEB 1797 in ,Shelby County,Kentucky US
Mr. Langley b: ABT 1798 in ,Shelby County,Kentucky US
Miss Langley b: ABT 1799 in ,Shelby County,Kentucky US
Miss Langley b: ABT 1800 in ,Shelby County,Kentucky US

Marriage 2 Fanny Torr b: 1785 in ,,KY
Married: ABT 17 FEB 1802 in ,Shelby County,KY
Joseph Langley b: 18 AUG 1804 in ,,New Jersey US
Elizabeth Langley b: 1808 in ,,KY
Samuel Langley b: ABT 1809
Allie Langley b: ABT 1810 in ,Muhlenberg County,KY
Margaret Langley b: ABT 1814 in ,Harrison County,Indiana US
Allen M. Langley b: ABT 1816 in ,Harrison County,IN
Lemuel Harvey Langley b: ABT 1815 in ,Harrison County,IN
Mr. Langley b: ABT 1821 in ,Harrison County,IN
Parthena Langley b: ABT 1822 in ,Harrison County,IN

Marriage 3 Spouse Unknown
Mr. Langley b: ABT 1798

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