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I really enjoyed the info on this line.
I connect through Jesse Morrison who married Rebecca VanMeter.
I always thought the Isaac Morrison who married Elizabeth Haycraft was the
brother to Jesse Morrison. So I stand corrected. Now, who does Isaac
Morrison ( born abt 1789) who married Elizabeth Haycraft belong to??? The
husband (John C Arnold) of Lucretia Morrison ( daughter of Isaac and
Elizabeth Haycraft ) witnessed Jesse Morrison's will as did his brother
Isaac Morrison, and a Thomas Richardson.
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> Archibald Morrison is a new one for me. I would be interested in learning
more about him. As I recall, the name of the merchant whose account ledgers
are in the archives is Jacob Janeway. He had an establishment on the North
Branch of the Raritan River in Somerset Co. If I ever get up to New Jersey,
I definitely want to see those ledgers. Hopefully, they can provide new
clues about Thomas Morrison.
> Isaac Morrison (1745-1798) had three brothers and five sisters. In his
will dated 17 June 1751 and proved 25 Oct 1753 in Somerset Co., NY, the
father John Morrison names his wife Margrete and nine children, James,
Sarah, Marey, Martha, Margrete, Agnes, David, Isaac and John. David, Isaac
and John were minors at the time of their father’s death and guardianship
records were filed in Somerset Co. In 1759, at age 17, David was made a
ward of Joseph Kinnan of Baskingridge. In 1761, at age 16, Isaac was made a
ward of William Hamilton of Baskingridge and John Hill of Elizabethtown. In
1762, at age 14, John was made a ward of his brothers James and David. By
this time, David had reached the age of majority.
> You probably already know that Isaac Morrison (1745-1798) was born in
Somerset Co., NJ. In 1770 he was in Essex Co., NJ where there is record of
his being witness of the bond of Elihu Ward. In 1773, he was one of the
sponsors of a school being established at Newark Mountain by Caleb Cooper.
In 1775, he placed an ad in the “Pennsylvania Journal” and identified
himself as Isaac Morrison of Newark Mountain, NJ. Soon after the Rev. War,
Isaac moved to Kentucky and remained there until his death on 28 Nov 1798 in
Hardin Co., KY. His wife, Phebe Ward Lamson, remained in Essex Co., NJ
until her death 25 May 1802. Isaac and Phebe had four known children: Sarah
Louise Morrison who married Silas Cook in 1792 and died in 1797 leaving a
husband and three children; Daniel Lamson Morrison, born 25 Aug 1776, who
married Sarah Pigman in Ohio Co., KY in 1805 (9 children); John Morrison,
born 8 Nov 1778 and died 13 May 1805, never married and had no children; and
Louis L!
> e Conte Morrison, born 24 Dec 1786 and died 5 July 1788 at the age of 1
year, 6 months. Daniel was the only one of Isaac’s sons who had offspring.
I can give you more information on all of Daniel’s children if that would
help you. It appears that Daniel did not move to Kentucky until about 1800.
> Now for Isaac’s brothers. It appears that James Morrison was the eldest
of Isaac siblings as he was named first in the will. He was of age when his
father wrote his will in 1751 so we can set his date of birth as being prior
to 1730 presuming the age of majority for males was 21. In 1767, James
Morrison died in testate in Sussex Co., NJ and his brother, Isaac, was named
administrator of his estate. I do not have any other information about
James. I do not know if he married and/or had children.
> David Morrison was born ca. 1741 in NJ and died in 1807 in Hardin Co., KY.
It is believed that David arrived in Kentucky later than Isaac did. David
married Mary (maiden name unknown) and they had eight children; Sally
(married Amos Richardson); Mary (married James Gilleland in Hardin Co.);
Jesse (married Rebecca Van Meter in Hardin Co.); Isaac (1784-1861) (married
Adryan Woodring in Hardin Co.); Joel (married Elizabeth Van Meter in Hardin
Co.); William (married Elizabeth Daugherty in Hardin Co.); Elizabeth; and
Jane (married Jonathan Richardson in Lincoln Co., KY). Almost all of my
information on the David Morrison branch is from Harold Morrison, a
descendant of this line. Harold has done a lot of work on this branch.
> I do not have any information of John Morrison, brother of Isaac. There
was a John Morrison on the 1800 tax list in Warren Co., KY which originally
was part of Lincoln Co. There also was a John Morrison in Newark Twp.,
Essex Co., NJ in the 1814 tax list. I do now know if either of these
persons is John Morrison, brother of Isaac.
> It is easy to confuse the various Isaac Morrisons in the early Kentucky
records. Isaac (1745-1798) is the one whose name appears often in the list
of men attending the conventions on Kentucky statehood. Isaac, son of
David, was born about 1784 and would still have been a small child at the
time these conventions were held. There is at least one more Isaac
Morrison. That would be Isaac, son of Daniel Lamson Morrison and Sarah
Pigman. However he was not born until 1822 so is fairly easy to keep
separated from the others.
> One other thing I might mention. The will of Isaac Morrison (1745-1798),
Isaac nominates as one of the executors “my beloved friend James Morrison,
lately from Mississippi”. This was not his brother James.
> Several people have written to me wanting information on my New Jersey
Morrison line. I hope this helps someone. If you need more on a particular
person, let me know and I’ll see what I have. Sorry this is so long.
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