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Subject: [NORCAL] Sac Bee Nov 19 1906
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The Evening Bee
Sacramento, Cal.
Monday, November 19, 1906
Page 7

Clifford Victor in Fight With Cordell
MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), November 19 - With a terrific right arm swing which
landed under the ear of his opponent and over the jugular vein, Jack
CLIFFORD, of Grass Valley, put Jack CORDELL, of Oakland, to sleep in the
seventh round of what was intended for a 20-round contest Saturday night.
A thousand spectators had assembled in Hopkins' Hall to witness the ìgoî
which was under the management of Barney VAN BUSKIRK, of the Phoenix
Athletic Club. These are about equally divided as to whether it was a chance
blow or one well directed by the game CLIFFORD, that ended the contest.
It was CLIFFORD who forced the fighting from the start. He showed a marked
improvement since his last appearance here, and CORDELL was content to fall
back on his usual cleer blocking in the hope of winning on points.
The preliminaries were between Mike MATTHEWS, of Chico, and "Iron Man
Dunn" of San Francisco, and Jack WALLACE, of Yuba City, and Ed MOORE, of
this city. The first was stopped by the police on account of the "ginger"
which the Chico man introduced in lieu of science, and the second was
concluded when WALLACE's trainerís threw up the sponge because of the lack
of both science and ginger in their corner.

Funeral of Mrs. Ward Held Sunday
RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.), November 19 - The funeral of Mrs. Kate WARD, widow
of the late Mathew WARD, who proceeded her to the grave by a fortnight, was
held Sunday afternoon from the Sacred Heart Church and was largely attended.
The rector, Rev. Father Philip F. BRADY, officiated, and interment was made
in St. Maryís Catholic Cemetery. The same pallbearers acted as at the
funeral of the husband. Mr. and Mrs. WARD had been married forty-eight
years, and the serious illness of his aged wife caused by paralysis, was the
primary cause of Mr. Wardís death. Mrs. WARD was not informed that her life
partner had passed away and died in the belief that he was ill in another
room of their beautiful home. The couple had resided continuously in this
city for two decades and had many friends throughout the county.

R.G. Hart Dies in City of Mexico
GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), November 19 - News of the sudden death of R.G.
HART in the City of Mexico has reached here. The body will be taken to
Berkeley for interment. No particulars are known, save that the end came
almost without warning. HART, a prominent mining man in Old Mexico, was
about to leave for a visit in Berkeley, and had written to relatives that
they might expect him. The next news received was a telegram to a relative
in this city, stating that he had died. He was a native of Cornwall,
England, and was prominently known as a mining engineer. For years he had
been in charge of a large property in Mexico. Before going there he made
this city his home for a long time, wedding Miss Annie POWNING, who, with
three sons and two daughters, is left to mourn his untimely death.

Graves in Luck
WEAVERVILLE (Trinity Co.), November 19 - The trial of J.B. GRAVES, the
well-known mining man who was accused of assault with a deadly weapon with
intent to commit murder by Frank T. SMITH, came to an end Saturday
afternoon, the jury returning a verdict of simple assault. The case was
watched with much interest and had been before the Courts for some time.

Thrown From Wagon
WILLOWS (Glenn Co.), November 19 - Seigel SKINNER, who is employed on Van
Shelloeís ranch near Germantown, was thrown from his wagon here Saturday and
very severely injured. His team of mules ran away when frightened by a
train. The injured man will recover. Several accidents of this kind have
taken place here in the past few months.

Struck by Train
RED BLUFF (Tehama Co.), November 19 - J. NOLES, who was drunk and asleep on
the railroad track about one mile west of Red Bluff this morning, was struck
by the second section of the northbound Oregon Express and seriously
injured. He was badly cut and bruised about the left shoulder. He was taken
to Red Bluff for treatment.

Drugged and Robbed
CHICO (Butte Co.), November 19 - Word reached here from San Francisco to-day
that Mrs. Nellie HESS, whose husband has a small farm near here, was drugged
and robbed on a train or in the Ferry building there. She admitted having
had several drinks with some strangers. She was sent to her home last night.

Aged Woman Dead
WOODLAND (Yolo Co.), November 19 - Mrs. Caroline RICHARDSON died here
yesterday at the home of her son, James RICHARDSON, aged 80 years. She was
the widow of the late Parsons RICHARDSON, and was born in New York, coming
to California in 1862.

Two Men Perished
GOLDFIELD (Nev.), November 19 - It develops that only two lives were lost in
the fire which destroyed the Hotel Goldfield at an early hour last Saturday
morning. Dismembered bodies were found in the ruins, which led to the belief
that three people had perished in the flames. Investigation, however, shows
that only two were burned to death. They were A.H. HEBER, of Los Angeles,
whose remains were identified by his son, and Judge J.M. ELLIS.

Cement Plant
ELY (Nev.), November 19 - Owing to the high cost of cement in this camp, due
to high railroad rates, a company of which Senator NIXON, D.W. LINTON and
R.H .RICHARDSON are the principal stockholders, has been formed to erect a
cement plant. It will use as rea material the tenacious carbonate of lime,
deposits found in the mountains north of Ely.

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